Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is the ediquette for petting a pig.

What is the etiquette for petting a pig.

Driving home from Sault Ste. Marie we made a little detour to look at some beautiful red pine plantations. The Kirkwood Forest. The Kirkwood forest measures about 50,000 acres. The largest White pine in the province use to stand here, but it fell 3 or 4 years ago.

The little detour turned into a very very longcut. 100km and 3 hours later we were back on track. I figured it would come back to the highway, map? ask for directions? not lost, just don't know where I are going.

Back to the pig. This pig was standing along the side of the road just waiting for someone to come by and pay some attention to it. We stopped the truck and got out to pet the little creature.

It snorted and grunted while it wagged its tail.

The nose was covered in - let's say it was - mud!

Where was the pig : map
Where the hell were we : map
Where is the biggest White pine suppose to be? : map