Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day Electric Ride - Tesla

Rainbow Concrete Green Everyday, a real commitment from the top down!

Muddy Mark was educated at Rainbow Concrete. Rainbow is doing so many different things for the environment, and much of it is driven by the owner Boris. Still keeping an on on Boris is his mother. She dropped by to get a picture with the son and Muddy Mark.

My understanding is Rainbow Concrete got it's name from being able to produce many different colours of bricks.

"Rainbow Concrete Industries Limited, a family ownedbusiness, was founded in 1953 and originally supplied concrete blocks to the Sudbury area. For over four decades we have been developing a complete line of environmentally friendly concrete products which we supply and distribute throughout Northern Ontario and beyond."

Most impressive is the fact that they have been using BioDiesel in all of their trucks since 2008.

They also inflate all tires with nitrogen, reducing fuel consumption and tire wear.

Rainbow Concrete promotes healthy food concepts to lessen the footprint on the earth. Organic foods grown naturally is just another aspect to help Mother Earth.

Source-Energy Pipe system provides heating and cooling for buildings, with an energy efficiency ranging from 400% to 500%.

Really cool is the totally electric car Boris drives. It is called a Tesla. It can really move and when you take your foot off the throttle it actually slows down and charges the battery. What a fantastic car. The smallest foot print for an automobile I would guess.