Timmins Honour Roll of Trees

Timmins Honour Roll of Trees. 50 km circle around town ~ half hour drive to get there.

There are many different Tree Honour Rolls on the net. The Ontario Oldest Trees relies on age of trees and is great for those that carry an increment corer with them all the time.

I am thinking diameter will be easier for most to measure, until the tree age can be determined. We can also use height and diameter to estimate of the age.

Get involved - how you can help : send all the information and a picture please. Links and suggestions always welcomed.
Look for this symbol, geocacheit means there is a geocache at the tree. Click the symbol and it will take you to the information on the geocache and the entries from those that have found the cache.

This map has all the trees on one map. Explore Now.

Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis)                                               Ontario : 178cm dia.
384.0cm circ.  122.2cm dia.  17-0463343-5344431  48.252032, -81.493821
In an upland Cedar stand. Many very large trees in the area. Lots of upland cedar in this very unusual stands. Great place to explore. Mark Joron. July 2012

Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus)
370cm circ.  118cm dia. 
On the trail between the highway and the Sewell Lake. Geaten Mallette. September 2014

Red Pine (Pinus resinosa)
161cm circ. 51.25cm dia  48.684898, -81.033783
This tree is in the Ice Chest Lake area, there are many very big red pine in the area. South side of unoccupied crown land Island. Rob Galloway. September 2009

Jack Pine (Pinus banksiana)
227.0cm circ. 72.25cm dia  48.155705, -81.415815  17-469075-5333688
South of the Peterlong Lake road. Mark Joron. September 2014

Tamarack (Larix laricina)
201.2cm circ.,  64cm dia.  17-488763-5362454   48.4151389, -81.1518614
Langmuir Road @ 8km. South side of the road.  Mark Joron   August 2010

White Spruce (Picea glauca)
262.4cm circ.  83.5cm dia.  17-0455598-5332948   48.1482311, -81.5969503
Big around, but very short and branches close to the base. Mark Joron  November 2008

Black Spruce (Picea mariana)
I do not know how to find a BIG black spruce. This tree is typically pretty small, but can be very old. A big tree can be young and 200 year old tree can be very small. Guess I will just have to pick one?

Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea)
145cm circ.   46cm dia.   17-0455928-5333038    48.1490636 -81.5925231
Side of highway 144 about 25km south of highway 144. Mark Joron.  November 2010

Red Maple (Acer rubrum)
132cm circ.
On the trail between the highway and the Sewell Lake.  Geaten Mallette. September 2014

Black Ash (Fraxinus nigra)
143.25cm circ.  45.6cm dia.  17-0456286-5335475  48.1710128, -81.5879608
South on Pine St, East on Mount Joy for 1 Km.  Don Buck. November 2008

Aspen (Populus tremuloides)
260cm circ, 83cm dia. 23m Ht  17-0477238-5355515  48.3524014, -81.3072375
South on Pine St, East on Mount Joy for 1 Km. Don Buck. November 2008

White Elm (Ulmus americana)

Balsam Poplar (Populus balsamifera)                            
210.3cm circ,  66.9cm dia  17-0499676-5352213  48.3231047, -81.0043708
 South of the old Langmuir Mine site.   Mark Joron. August 2010.

White Birch (Betula papyrifera)                                        Ontario : 118cm dia.
262.1 cm circ. 83.4cm dia.   17-0462752-5343880  48.24704 -81.501734Newer road into the area, west of flag lake. Mark Joron. July 2012

Yellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis)
 310cm circ.  98.6cm dia.  17-456144-5335374   48.1701008, -81.5898561

Species : Diameter cm                                      Species : Diameter cm
Eastern White Cedar : 122.2                             Eastern White Pine : 118.0
Red Pine : 51.3                                                 Jack Pine  : 72.3
Tamarack : 64.0                                               White Spruce : 83.5
Black Spruce                                                    Balsam Fir : 46.0
Red Maple : 132                                               Black Ash : 45.6
Aspen : 83.0                                                     White Elm
Balsam Poplar : 66.9                                        White Birch : 83.4
Yellow Birch : 98.6

Pictures of Trees.
Species and Lat/Long will make sure you are looking at the correct tree in the album. Follow this link to the page that has all the pictures.

When you visit one of these trees please take a picture of you with it and send it to me, I will add it to the pictures page. When there are enough pictures I will make an album for each tree species.

Species : Common name (Scientific name)

Dimensions : Circumference, at breast height (1.3m from the ground) is the easiest to get, but height can be very easy to figure out too.

Location : Lat / Long have been linked, so just click and it will take you to a map of the location. We will use 100km diameter circle centered on Timmins, any tree within 50km ``as the crow flys`` from Timmins City Hall, more or less. If you do not have the ability for GPS let us know at submission and we will get it done.

Notes : Please give as much information as you can provide. ( location, condition, etc.)
Source : Who, who are you?
Date : When you last visited the tree.

All the trees are on THIS MAP

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