Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oxygen Grows on Trees the T-Shirt

2 oxygen molecules bound together is oxygen

O-O = oxygen

You can have your own shirt now.

Every time I wear my O2 t-shirt someone wants me to give them the shirt off my back. I went and had a bunch made. This is what I have.

I have 20 ultracotton tees.
5 medium lime, 5 medium royal, 5 large lime and 5 large royal. When they run out I will get some more made. If you want a bunch let me know and we can make it happen.

So now if you really want one send me $20 per shirt and I will send one to you, anywhere in Canada.

Oxygen Grows On Trees

I am working on getting a second shirt together. As it turns out wood also grows on trees. Who wood have guessed.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

White Moose near Foleyet

White Moose near Boulder Lake, Ontario.

Came around the corner and 3 vehicles were parked on the side of the road and just in the ditch not far from on the vehicles a white moose.

As I pulled over one more vehicle came from the west, and the animal started to move off. I quickly took a couple of pictures, but did not get a good one.

I travel that section of road once a week for the past two summers. Caught just a glimpse of a white moose last year.

This is the 5th White Moose I have seen in the Foleyet area, west of Timmins.

The white moose reporting station is not operating anymore and the website has not been updated since 2007. The Timmins Naturalists are always interested in your observations, including the white moose. Look at other observations reported to the Timmins Naturalists.

White Moose web site (last update 2007)

map where I saw the white moose.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Porcupine in the Porcupine

Biggest Porcupine I Have Ever
Seen in the Porcupine

Roll'n just would not come when I called him. This only means one thing - he has found something he wants me to see.

I walked towards the occasional bark. He will not bark very much, so I stand and wait for him to come get me. I follow and away he goes. Had to wait again, since I lost him in the thick vegetation.

When I finally catch up to him, he is walking around a large poplar. Not far up the tree was a big porcupine. Roll'n was convinced I should be able to help with this creature up the tree.

He has encountered one porcupine before, the result was 4 quills in the face. Not bad, I have seen worse!

The forest is home to so many wonderful creatures, Roll'n will have to learn to leave some of them alone.

This porcupine was west of Timmins map