Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Porcupine in the Porcupine

Biggest Porcupine I Have Ever
Seen in the Porcupine

Roll'n just would not come when I called him. This only means one thing - he has found something he wants me to see.

I walked towards the occasional bark. He will not bark very much, so I stand and wait for him to come get me. I follow and away he goes. Had to wait again, since I lost him in the thick vegetation.

When I finally catch up to him, he is walking around a large poplar. Not far up the tree was a big porcupine. Roll'n was convinced I should be able to help with this creature up the tree.

He has encountered one porcupine before, the result was 4 quills in the face. Not bad, I have seen worse!

The forest is home to so many wonderful creatures, Roll'n will have to learn to leave some of them alone.

This porcupine was west of Timmins map