Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tamarack in the alder


Can a tree be a wolf? Yes, when it is a wolf tree!

Ontario Extension Note on terms talks about a tree that has a large crown.

I noticed this Tamarack that I have been looking at for a month from a distance. I finally went for the short walk through alder and raspberries to the base of the tree.

What a large, narly tree. It is a wolf tree! It stands by itself, towering over all the shrubs and plants that grow in low wet areas.

The tree is 201.2 cm circumference and 64.0 cm diameter. There is another Tamarack in the list but this tree is bigger. I think we will keep the top 2 of each species as the list grows.

We still require a couple of representatives, keep your eyes open for us.

More pictures of this tree and other can be seen here.