Thursday, June 26, 2014

Arbour Day 2014

The best time to plant a tree, 
was 100 years ago
The second best time to plant a tree
 is today!!

oh so true

Everyone should plant one tree, once a year.
That is one small thing the will make a big difference!

I love Arbour Day.
That is the day I get to talk to the public, the interested in planting a tree, public.

We had white spruce available at 2 locations in the city. All the green people came out for this fund raiser.
Thank you all! 

Oxygen Grows On Trees

Seizure and Brain Injury Centre - Timmins

Colouring It Up 

for epilepsy

Trail around Gillies Lake is used for many events. Here is the Colour it up event. Looks like lots of fun.
I will take pictures of the kid from afar.

Seizure and Brain Injury Centre - Timmins on Facebook
Daily Press pictures and story right here

All the pictures I took are in this album

Oxygen Grows On Trees

Aboriginal Day Timmins

Hollinger Park
June 21, 2014

A wonderful wonder in the park.

I know what you are saying "where are all the pictures of the drummers and geese being cooked"? Well I am working up to that. The image just never seems to capture the moment.

I seem to be better at capturing the trees and birds and the bugs. I am working on people, respectful people pictures. It is easy to take pictures with people in them, but not so easy to capture the person, respecting their cultural diversity.

I will take any hints you may have for me. What should I aim at, where do I point the camera?

Timmins Daily Press read more and see more pictures.

oxygen grows on trees

Kees Pols Mr. Timmins Trails Retires.

Great Job Kees!!

(To all my friends - been a busy early summer, I will work my way backwards for a little bit while I catch up on  a month or two)

I look forward to Kees organizing and guiding more hikes - now that he will have a little more time.

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