Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wood Heat Answers

Is Wood Heat Going Backwards as a Technology?

History will teach us everything!

The Wood Pile is a great webpage resource.

Go take a look now

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wood Burning, Renewable Energy Source!

Warms the cool damp basement

Wood Warms Twice 
at least

Pick up the wood, carry it to the truck - makes me warm
Carry the wood from the truck to the cut and split pile - makes me warm
Cut and split the wood and carry to the wood shed - makes me warm
Carry the wood from the wood shed to the basement  - makes me warm
Finally, having a fire makes me and the whole family warm

Wood is a renewable resource, so is a great substitute for natural gas and electricity.
I burn white birch and dry jackpine.
 Great BTU (heat) from both.

I am lucky to work in the forest around Timmins, Ontario for Millson Forestry Service.
The best deal on Cut and Split dry white birch wood is Millson's
You can visit the webstore and webpage to see what is available.
What is great is you can buy a box full, pickup load or dump truck full.

Hiking Day in Timmins

Second Annual Hiking Day

Warm and sunny, just like we planned.

Long hike and short hike.

Did not want the hot chocolate at the end of the hike the cold juice box was more to my liking.

We walked a gentle 4 km, discussing the Hersey Lake area, trees and mushrooms.

Timmins Naturalists
Wintergreen Fund for Conservation

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Block of wood

ya just got to luv it.

Monty Python

I just love this!!

I also like to press wild flowers, womens clothing not so much

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider is my Guess??

My little Sony camera is not that hightech, but it sure can get some good pictures. It is little enough that I do carry it with me everywhere.

This spider is a big one!

August 31, 2011

TD Tree Days

Gillies Lake Tree Plant with TD

Friends and family of TD Bank tree planted at Gillies Lake. The environment fund provided the monies to make it all happen.

The group planted and mulched over 100 tree seedlings.  These areas will provide great habitat in another 5 years.

September 10, 2011

Trees were purchased from Millson Forestry Service here in Timmins.

Help us Catch a CAT | Win A Caterpillar CT660

Help us Catch a CAT | Win A Caterpillar CT660