Monday, October 17, 2011

Wood Burning, Renewable Energy Source!

Warms the cool damp basement

Wood Warms Twice 
at least

Pick up the wood, carry it to the truck - makes me warm
Carry the wood from the truck to the cut and split pile - makes me warm
Cut and split the wood and carry to the wood shed - makes me warm
Carry the wood from the wood shed to the basement  - makes me warm
Finally, having a fire makes me and the whole family warm

Wood is a renewable resource, so is a great substitute for natural gas and electricity.
I burn white birch and dry jackpine.
 Great BTU (heat) from both.

I am lucky to work in the forest around Timmins, Ontario for Millson Forestry Service.
The best deal on Cut and Split dry white birch wood is Millson's
You can visit the webstore and webpage to see what is available.
What is great is you can buy a box full, pickup load or dump truck full.