Compost Workshop Agenda / Links

Backyard Composting
Timmins Public Library. Tembec Room February 06, 2016 10:15 - Noon  1hr 45min.
Updated for February 24, 2018

I am not an expert, I am here to lead the discussion.
What is our collective experience with backyard composting / vermiculture
How to collect material. Consider this  Top 10  close to mine
What is backyard composting vs. Anaerobic Digestion Green cone Solar Digester
What is my experience.    Let us look at some examples from around town
How to get started, where,  door direction, bottom soil Planet Natural
What goes in to the bin  Eartheasy
How to maintain the bin
Moisture, air, mixing,

Earth Machine Earth Machine
City program and availability  City of Timmins  Home Depot Youtube City Farmer
Capacity, heat, winter composting.

Dew worms vs. Red worms
Dew worms : Canadian Geographic Ontario ` Ontario
Invasive Earthworms New Science
Vermiculture - Red Worms : Crawly Composters Worm Compost Canada Worm poop
Importance of worms to garden and composting.

Soil Health  by Compost Canada


Sunflower Project
At least one sunflower at each composter
“The Sunflower Project” Nebraska Roots: Botany, Art and Culture

Monarch Watch
About the Monarch Butterfly
Why are they important
Milkweed David Suzuki MonarchWatch
Milkweed Corridor Journey North Maps

Timmins Honour Roll of Trees
Webpage THRofT Webpage  BlogPage
Map Straight to the Map
Geocache website Local map

Citizen Science   Blog Post
Christmas Bird Count The CBC
Worm Watch Worm Watch
Canadian Lake Loon Survey The CLLS

Timmins Orchid
History  Botanical Gardens
Status, where to find them Canadensys  Flora of North America

Wintergreen Fund for Conservation Wintergreen
Archie's Rock All the links June 2015 Pictures Video
High Falls SaveHighFalls July 2015 Pictures
Trail maps Listing  Google Map City of Timmins GIS
Hiking days Winter 2016 FBPoster  Winter 2015 pictures