Monday, June 6, 2011

Wintergreen Fund for Conservation Book Project

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The Wintergreen Fund for Conservation and the Timmins Naturalists are once again producing a perpetual date book.

This book is full of natural history information, Timmins temperature extremes and best of all it has City of Timmins historic information for each day. Great book for the 100 year celebration here in Timmins.

What can I do with a perpetual book, why is it so special?

Write all the events you want to remember, you can use it every year!
Leave it at your front door, visitors sign the day are visiting, use it for many years to see the popular days.
Many use it as a garden book, what date did you plant what every year.
Natural observations - turns out robins appear in Timmins within a couple of days of April 11th every year.
Birth and death dates - a book you can pass on to the kids.

Money raised is for conservation efforts in Timmins.

Please pick your day carefully and let us know as soon as possible.

See the Commercial on Youtube

Go directly to the Project summary page, go now

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