Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sault Ste Marie Earth Day Event

Millson Forestry Service, CTV and The Country Way partnered to bring Earth Day to Sault Ste Marie on April 13th, 2010. A little early since Earth Day is April 22, but a great event was taking place for us to join.

The Country Way put on the first, hopefully annual event, Green & Healthy Living Expo.
It was held at the Water Tower Inn. It had many great displays, information booths and guest speakers.

Our display centered around the "Making of Muddy Mark" "Plant a Tree NOW" and "Oxygen Grows On Trees". It is wonderful to have pretty booth mates, since everyone gets to see too much of Muddy Marks face and his orange coveralls.

We brought white spruce tree seedlings to hand out to the participants. Everyone that wanted a tree seedling got one, and yes a couple got more then one.

We brought bigger seedlings too. Everyone wanted them. It is important to plant trees, even small trees, because little trees will grow to be big trees. One of the comments on our display "The best time to plant a tree is 100 years ago, the second best time is now". How true that is.

This event is just one event we are attending for Earth day. There are more.

Come see us in Sudbury on April 20th at Rainbow Concrete Industries Ltd.
Come see us in North Bay on April 21st at North Bay Toyota
We will back in Timmins on Earth Day April 22nd at Timmins Honda.

We will be handing out White spruce in Timmins and Sudbury and White pine in North Bay.

Many people talked to us about all the trees they have planted and how wonderful it was to have us and the trees as part of the Healthy Living Expo.

Muddy had some family drop by too.

Brother and sister in-law. My lovely niece and the father in-law.