Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth Day 2010 Timmins Honda

Timmins Honda, CTV and Millson Forestry Service partnered to bring Earth Day 2010 to Timmins.

It was wonderful to be home for Earth Day. Forester Monique and I spent the day with Gary from CTV at Timmins Honda.

We gave away white spruce tree seedlings to everyone that came in to ask for one. It is always wonderful to hear the stories people have of trees. Trees that were planted when they were little, trees that they watched grow over time, trees that fell on the house, trees that the husband cut with the lawn mower. They are all good.

It is not all fun and games at the Earth Day events. The boss came by to make sure Muddy and Forester Moe. were working hard. Muddy is the orange wild daylily between two pretty flowers.

Muddy Mark has many of his own stories about trees. Once you get him talking about trees it is hard to get him to stop.

A special guess dropped by.
Jeff and Foster.Foster is the brother of Roll'n. I do not think they know that or care. Jeff and I met by chance while on a walk.
Same age, same kind and rescued by Lisa. Jeff tells me the name of the dog was originally Negerski.