Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Success in the Sault

Former Mayor 1996-2000 - Steve Butland and current councilor 
Muddy Mark and Maria, manager at the Country Way.

Forester Moe is QC for all the seedlings. 

More free tree seedlings for everyone, and everyone get one free!

Next stop North Bay Toyota on April 18th, then Sudbury Rainbow Concrete on April 19th. Our last stop is in Timmins at Honda. Come join us and get your free tree seedling.

And they are seedlings! Forestry
A small tree, usually between 2 and 4 inches diameter at breast height
(a) A tree, usually less than 2 inches diameter at breast height, that has grown from a seed rather than from a sprout.
(b)A nursery-grown tree that has not been transplanted in the nursery.

Wiki entry tell us 
A seedling is a baby tree that has just started to grow.  It is the first stage of the growth cycle.  It can not make new life and it has a job to do.  Its job is to grow up to a sapling to make a new forest.  Deer sometimes like to eat new leaves and can can hurt a new seedling.

A sapling is a child tree.  It is the second stage of development.  It is one meter tall and stays a sapling until the stem reaches 7 cenitmeters in diameter.

This paper has some technical info.
trees = 10 cm or more DBH; saplings = basal diameter 1 cm or more and DBH <10 cm; seedlings = < 1 cm basal diameter. Seedlings were subdivided into 3 height classes: <10 cm, 10-30 cm, and >30 cm.