Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day 2011 Sudbury - Rainbow Concrete

Sudbury people LOVE trees.
Busy Muddy at Rainbow Concrete!

Just like last year the staff at Rainbow were fantastic to welcome us into the show room. The weather was not as nice as last year, so we were not able to set up outside.
Boris (far left) and his staff really are committed to the environment with many different projects on the go to make living in the urban jungle more earth friendly.

Free Tree Seedlings at Rainbow Concrete Sudbury Ontario!

A real interesting part of these traveling Earth Day events is the people you meet. I love to talk trees with everyone that comes by. In Sudbury a surprise for me. A co-worker, a friend from many years ago sent his daughter to come visit. She is more then 20 years old, so I am thinking I have not seen Dan for 15 + years. Emails over the years now and then, but really had lost touch. He saw the commercial, but work kept him away.  Hope Dan will send me a picture of himself with the seedling planted.