Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth Day 2011 Timmins Ontario - Honda

Timmins Honda for Earth Day
April 21, 2011

Being in our backyard is always plenty of fun. 
Ryan, owner of Timmins Honda, took me for a spin in one the hybrid cars. He is so knowledgeable. 
These cars are truly becoming leaders in the automobile industry.

Jason, from CTV, checks in with me and Forester Moe. One day that facial hair he sports will look as good as mine, he hopes. His kids will help him acquire the grey of maturity.

If you missed us you can always get a tree seedling from Millson Forestry Service of Timmins, Ontario.
Visit the webstore for tree seedlings of boreal species and more.

The best time to plant a tree 
was 100 years ago, 
the second best time is today!

2011 Earth Day summary on Youtube
2011 Earth Day Timmins Commercial on Youtube