Thursday, July 23, 2009

Timmins Bridge to Bridge Trail

Today I had the day off, it gave me a chance to take a little ride on the "bridge to bridge" trail. It is a great little trail. It winds along the river with many places to sit and look at the scenery.

Today a family of mergansers was sitting just in front the bench where Roll'n and I stopped for a drink. Roll'n had a drink, I just watched.
The trail is lined with many different tree species. All of the tree are very young, since, I am guessing with floods and lake shore logging all the big trees have been removed over time.

The first picture is on the east side of the river looking north north west. map
The second picture is across the river looking east south east. map
The third picture is a nest site set up many years ago to attract a Osprey. It has remained empty for many years but Osprey are in the area, so it is available. Maybe some year a raven will start a nest and make it more appealing to owls and other birds of prey. map