Sunday, July 12, 2009


This year I have noticed many plants with spittal on them. Looks like someone has been walking around with soap in their mouth and spitting on the plants.

On closer inspection the bubbly mass on the plant is the protective home of the spittlebug.

enature: "Spittlebug nymphs cover themselves with masses of bubbly, wet spittle, which accounts for their common name. Each frothy mass contains 1 or more tiny nymphs, effectively hiding them from predators as they suck plant juices."

These little bugs like all kinds of plants. At the greenhouse I have seen them on different species of trees.

Next time you see the little bit of, what looks like spit, push it aside to revel the little creature inside. This is where I saw these flowers, but you can find them just about everywhere - map

While taking pictures of the uncovered little creature a fly came to be part of the picture. Glad it droppped in, it is great for size comparision.