Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bur Oak - Timmins Honour Roll of Trees

Yes Bur Oak in Timmins!

This tree was planted in Kettle Lakes Provincial Park in the 70's I am told. Many different kinds of trees came from a southern Provincial tree seedling nursery to the park. There is also many honey locust and one white ash. The ash is smaller then the oak, but it is just as old and just as strong.

The park is also home to 2 Provenance tests. One is scotch pine and one is red pine. The scotch, or scots, pine test has trees that came from many different countries. You can see trees that have come from Finland, Austria, Adirondock, Baltic, Sweden and a few other countries.

The red pine provenance test represents seed sources from all over southern Ontario. Maybe as we talk more about global warming these trees will do better up here then they would have in the south?

One other aspect I find great about Kettle Lakes is the fact that much of it was machine planted. It is very flat and sandy. You can still see the furrows that were created during the trees planting.

I think I was on a similar tree planing machine when I worked at a tree nursery on southern Ontario.

I added this tree to the Timmins Honour Roll of Trees. I also added a note on the FaceBook Group Oxygen Grows on Trees.