Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whimbrel - Numenius phaeopus

Yesterday I got a call from a lad over at Dumas on Feldman road. They have a Long-billed Curlew on the grass out in front of the office. WOW. Did someone get pictures?

Yes, Lynn Clement has an excellent camera and took some pictures. I have included a couple of her pictures. Thanks Lynn. I sent the pictures down to Ron Ridout at Bird Studies Canada he will be able to confirm the sighting.  I do not know enough about these types of birds to make informed comments.

Here is the comment back from Ron:  

They are truly wonderful photos and allow me to identify your bird as a Whimbrel. Still, a good bird for Timmins I’m sure.  Long-billed Curlew lacks the definitive head stripes of the Whimbrel  and has a very long bill, easily half again as long as this Whimbrel.

Today I was again informed the little visitor was again on the front lawn on Feldman road. map   I could not resist, at lunch I went for a drive to see for myself. I watched from afar, but noticed traffic passing without creating a reaction in the bird.  I drove past the bird, turned around and came back. I was able to park close to the lawn and watch the bird for awhile. Even took a little video.  The bird remained after I left. 

I wonder what it is finding in the grass, it seems to be plucking something from between the grass blades. Maybe what ever is in the grass will keep the Whimbrel here for sometime.

This is the greatest bird sighting since the Brown pelican was spotted in the lake behind the Mac. No one got pictures, but two excellent reports confirmed the presents. It was only spotted on that one day and never heard from again. The White pelican had a real presents in Timmins for a couple of years, but I have not seen them here for awhile.

If you come across a species out of the typical range I am always interested to hear!