Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 19th - Snow - Come on!

Woke this morning to the wonderful, pretty snow coating everything. It was a little unexpected, but this is Timmins.
I had planted 2 sunflowers in the garden the night before, they were about 20cm tall and in good health. I was surprised today to see them still alive.  

We got the bikes out this weekend and went for a bike ride. I guess I should have made the kids put them in the shed. Mine is in the shed.

In the bush we again have ice in the low shaded areas. This little bird was poking along the ice looking for bugs.  I got a picture and looked in my bird book in the truck. I was unable to say for sure what it was. I will have to look in a differesnt book to be sure.

Do you know what it is? One of you must know. Give me your best guess.

The weather guy tells us warm weather is coming.