Sunday, June 24, 2012

Litter on the litter layer

Everywhere and anywhere!

This just freaks me out!!  Maybe this is just a balloon that got away form a 5 year old, ok these things happen.

Last year I remember a story on the news about a catholic school doing a balloon release for hope or something like that. What?? What is that teaching?  Hey lets all take a chunk of rubber and throw it to the winds so we can have litter spread far and wide. Ya, that is what we should teach, you can litter anywhere and everywhere as long as there is a message of hope tied to the litter.

Just did a quick search and there are schools that even promote a balloon release on youtube. Nice. They should also make a video of every kid in the school throwing a chip bag out the window of the school bus.

Some balloon releases do use environmentally friendly bio-degradable balloons, That, I'm guessing, is not the norm. These foil balloons, I would think, last a very long time.

This is where I found it. map