Saturday, January 1, 2011

My First Millson Forest

2011 International Year of Forests

My first forest with Millson Forestry Service.

I started at Millson Forestry Service (MFS) July of 1999, in September I was in charge of a tree plant on the west side of town. 
Here is a map of the plantation area.  Here is a look at the plantation from the highway in street view of google maps

I went to the Jack pine plantation yesterday to get some pictures and thin a tree to get a cookie. It was a wonderful warm rainy day. A little unusual for the last day of 2010. Plus 5C and raining while Roll'n and I walked in the young forest. 

2011 is International Year of Forests more info 

When I count the rings on the cookie of the tree I thinned from the plantation I confirm the tree is indeed 11 years old. 

I hope you will follow me this year while I work and write about the forest. If you have never planted a tree, this is the year you need to do it! You will have opportunity during Earth Day and Arbour Day to get a tree. You can also get a larger tree, just visit the MFS webstore.

It is all about the trees and the FOREST at Oxygen Grows On Trees