Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I can recognize a turtle, so I get recognized.

I wonder if a turtle could recognize me??

Today, via snail mail, 
I received a certification from the Toronto Zoo.

That was very nice. This year I was able to report a Blanding's Turtle, my first ever in the Northern Boreal Forest. 

Turtle sightings reported to the Timmins Naturalists over the last 15 years have been documented on the Observations Naturally page.  I encourage everyone in the Timmins Area to report turtle sightings. You can also read more about Snapping Turtles in the Timmins area here.

You can read more about a painted turtle observation here.

You can send for a free package from the Toronto Zoo with the Adopt-a-Pond program. You get a great poster, ID cards, stickers and magnets. I really like the flash card they have provided.

They did send me the Ontario Turtle Tally : 2010 Data Summary. It is not available on line yet, but the 2009 information is here.

See a turtle near Timmins, take a picture, get the GPS location, sent it to the Naturalists!!