Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring is just around the corner

Spring is just around the corner.

I am thinking about all the new life I am going to be seeing very soon. Also thinking of visiting some old friends too, namely the biggest White Pine in the area.

We have some trees on the Timmins Homour Roll of Trees, but we still need you to find us find some giants of other species.

We have
Eastern White Cedar
Eastern White Pine
Red Pine
Jack Pine
White Spruce
Black Ash
Yellow Birch

We need examples of
Black Spruce
Balsam Fir
Red Maple
Balsam Poplar
White Birch

A very big Burr Oak was pointed out to me this winter during the Christmas Bird Count. I will get the diameter this spring. A big blue spruce was also pointed out to me on the front lawn of a house.

I will get a picture with the owner of the tree this spring and post it here.

keep on the look out for honour trees, and let me know when you find one!