Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Earth Day

Where I work at Millson Forestry Service we like to say it is Earth Day everyday.  Everything we do is for the forest, for the trees, for the Earth.

First thing this morning I printed out a large "Oxygen Certificate" for our Earth Day meeting at the Days Inn. Two for one special at the store.

A phone call from the Timmins Times got me down to the Days Inn a little early.  Pictures and information for the reporter. Next the Daily Press photo opt. Finally Persona channel 3 dropped in to get the information about what was going on.  Very busy hour for Carman (manager of the Days Inn) and I.

Todays issue of the Timmins Times has a great article about our event. the Business of Earth Day. 

Back at the greenhouse I am working on a little project to cut jiffy pellets up so we can reuse them when potting seedlings. Potted seedlings will grow bigger and better, which will suit the urban tree planter. A reuse project on Earth Day, just another day at the greenhouse. Earth Day is every day.

A gal, Tammy, at he greenhouse is a bit of an artist and has a history of making t-shirts. Daystar Stitching supplied the shirt and Tammy supplied the artwork.  

Look at us in the pictures - but more important - look at all the green in the background. there is close to 2 million tree seedlings in the greenhouse now. I think we have over 6 on the grow right now and more to come.