Thursday, April 16, 2009

Birds Back to Timmins

Spring is in the air! Just look up!

Standing in the driveway yesterday chatting with a friend, when suddenly "wait, quite, listen". Being a little bit of weird bird Ivan thought nothing strange in the way my gaze reached to the cloudless sky after I silenced him.

Sandhill cranes. Sandhill cranes in my backyard, ok in the airspace above my backyard, but that counts.

This is the earliest I have seen them here by about 3 weeks. Summer is going to come fast and be hot!

Earlier in the morning a pair of robins were playing on my side patio. They are early by at least a week or more. Summer is coming fast and is going to be hot!

(if I say it one more time do you think it will come true?)

You can read more about the sandhill crane at Environment Canada.

You can hear the call on the site too, or go there now.

Read more about the Robin or listen now.

Muddy Mark
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