Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Record Breaker - Sunny Day

Summer is here finally!!!

It was a wonderful sunny day in the forest today. My dog and I walked about 5 km, well I walked that far and he must have ran about 10km. I only see him when we cross paths now and then. Sometimes he chases something for awhile then comes to find me to be sure I am not lost.

Heard the blue jays and chickadees. Watched 3 spruce grouse fly up into a tree and sit there watching me as I was watching them.

Pictures are super special for one reason. They all have a ray of sunshine. Even the moose poop looks interesting when shinning in the sun.
Timmins temperature record November 4th 1975 17.8C.
Yesterday we only hit 16.7C
Todays record from 1956 of 14.4C was crushed! Do not have the official high temperature but it was over 19.0C.
I wonder about tomorrow's record 1975 18.9C. The call is for only a high of 12.
Pictures are:
A moss
A pile of moose poop
A white birch growing on a rock
A hollow birch bark