Monday, November 3, 2008

How to make a white birch culvert - just wait.

Birch Bark rots at a slower rate then the wood wrapped inside. It is the wax and special chemicals in the bark. I have a link below if you want to read more.

I found this very old white birch tree, long time rotting , yet still standing at the base. I pushed it over and rolled it around a little. The bark mostly stayed intact and all the totally rotted wood fell out.

It is a natural culvert, or a great decoration piece. I hauled it back to the office and will put it up on the webstore. I know a gal who has a similar piece in her front entrance. Looks great! This one is taller and the bark more intact.

Talking about the webstore - got a call today about the bear jaw for sale on the "Muddy Mark's" part of the webstore. Turns out it is illegal ! Guess I will not be doing that again.