Sunday, October 26, 2008

White Birch crawling through the Forest?

It looks like a spider or something, walking through the forest. While walking along the edge of a wet area, where I could see the water running along the ground down between the rocks, I found a very interesting white birch.

This birch tree must have sprouted on what looks like a big tree that blow down. The roots were forced to reach to the ground for food. The root mat of the old tree is still partially visible, but is rotting away slowly but surely. The roots are suspending the tree creating a very interesting root system for the tree.

This birch with the curved 'neck' would make a very unique animal from the forest, if only I could find a way to get it into the living room!

Here is a little snippet from an answer blog:

According to a 1990 Report to Parliament from Forestry Canada, one acre of healthy forest produces about 4 tonnes of O2 per year. On average, we estimate that one acre of mature forest contains 400 trees, therefore:4 tonnes @ 2,200 lbs/tonne = 8,800 lbs 8,800 lbs divided by 400 trees = 22 lbs/tree/year

On a daily basis, this means that a tree releases approximately .06 lbs of oxygen per day, enough to blow out your birthday candles, but not enough to fill your bicycle tire

I found a huge cedar pictures here this week. It will be the first Cedar on the Timmins Honour Roll of Trees.