Thursday, October 2, 2008

Honour Role of Trees

Ontario has an Honour role of Trees. It can be found at I have started to keep track of the Timmins Honour Role and have just started a list in a Facebook group.

This weekend I will put up a Honour Role Page of all the species so everyone can see what the biggest live trees in the area are.

To get things stated I am finding the biggest tree I can find over the next couple of months of each species and will fill in the blanks. As you find a bigger tree I will replace the second place tree.

Today it rained and snowed in the bush. Pleanty of good moisture for the trees going into the winter.

I found a big Yellow birch that will be hard to beat. I did not being home the location information, but it will be included in the chart I create. I have a picture and some stats. This tree has produced oxygen for us for over 60 years I guess.

Yellow birch

Circumference 310cm

Diameter 98.6cm