Monday, September 29, 2008

Please do not feed the bears

I did not get a chance to walk about at all, work got in the way. Sometimes that happens.

I thought I would reach into the past and post a picture I took a couple of years ago.

A black bear was working the highway 144. Every day he would hang around the side of the road waiting for people to feed him. Feed him they did. Within a couple of weeks just pulling over to see the pretty bear on the side of the road was an invitation for him to lumber on up to your window to see what you had.

I was parked on a side road about to enter the highway when I watched this little bear cross the road. I got out my camera and wondered how close he would come.

He would have climbed in I am sure if I did not close my window.

Bears and highway do not mix well, the bear was killed by a truck a few days after I took these pictures.