Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fairy slipper

Talking about orchids reminded me of the orchid discovered just south of Timmins. The Fairy slipper is another orchid that can be found in the area, but it takes a keen eye to not step on them.
This is the Calypso bulbosa (Fairy Slipper) and grows in wet areas. This one was hiding is a cedar and black spruce stand.
July and August are the best times to walk in the bush, if the bugs do not bother you. Some say you do not just want to go walking in the bush because of the bears, but I never get to see them in the bush. I did see one 3 days ago about 2 minutes from the office running out of a backyard, being chased by a black dog. At first I thought 2 bears but the barking gave away the second one.
Where is this orchid :
Ooooohhh I like that. Any comments? is just the link good or do you like to see the map. If I had zoomed out more you would see Timmins.