Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hiking Day Hersey Lake


Hike Day At Hersey Lake.

I hope everyone learned something,

I always learn something new when people get together to walk and talk. Thanks.
I learned a little dog held the interest of lynx or a bobcat (what is the difference) at Ă‰cole catholique Don-Bosco
I learned I was not the only one to think they saw the GOLD EAGLE at the Deloro Landfill.
I learned another person has a story of a snapping turtle as a pet here in Timmins.
I learned we need to get more people involved in these tours around Timmins.

I did not get to see it, but some in the front of the pack got to see a little bear run across the trail. I did see the chickadees and heard a blue jay. We saw jack pine, poplar and spruce. Kees pulled up some pitcher plants (read more) for us to see, and I had bug guts all over my fingers. Feels like MUD, I love it. (read how muddy mark got his name)

Nice fall picture of engaged individuals.

Hope you can all join us again next Sunday for our walk.