Sunday, September 9, 2012

Wasp Nest in the Trees

Built into the branches - Great Architecture! 

Paper wasp or is it a yellow jacket wasp?

They are awesome!

Well, at a distance anyway.

Two weeks ago I stepped right into a nest. The same wasps that build nests in the trees also build nests in the ground.

The other day, while I was walking in the bush I stood for a moment, the sting I was getting on my wrist suggested I should look more carefully. Looking down I realized I was standing on a nest, better then that I had actually ripped it open.

Run... Run Away!!!! Only one sting. Good for me.

As it turns out I followed until I came back to where I started. GPS is great, can take you back to the esact same location. Shit I walked  in to the hive twice???! But I ran faster this time, no sting!

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