Friday, May 20, 2011

Free Tree Seedlings, NOT, in Timmins

Free Tree Seedlings (not free)
June 04, 2011

Tree Seedlings have never been free.

I have been involved in Arbour Day here in Timmins for more than 30 years. For almost 10 years with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (OMNR), others and finally Wintergreen Fund for Conservation for the last number of years.

The OMNR handed out trees for so many years that budding tree planters expected to get free trees every year. Many still expect that today. The fact is the trees were never free. You did not pay for them when you picked them up, you paid for them before you picked them. The tree seedlings all came from Provincially funded tree seedling nurseries. Your tax dollars paid for every tree.

Now all the tree seedlings come from private tree nurseries, the OMNR has no production tree nurseries anymore.

Here in Timmins, the Wintergreen Fund for Conservation buy the tree seedlings from Millson Forestry Service and ask for a donation on Arbour Day to cover the cost and raise money. You must remember this is a money raiser for Conservation efforts here in Timmins!