Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fisher south of Timmins

My first Fisher in the wild
south of Timmins.

I saw it come out of the bush and walk across the road. At first I thought it was a small bear, but the tail was very long. The fur was thick like a bear, but it was longer and the tail gave it away.

I had never seen a Fisher here, did not know we even had them around here. Talking to my trapper friend he tells me they are somewhat common. He does not trap for them, but has from time to time found one in a martin trap. I was surprised to hear a martin trap was big enough, but he assured me a martin trap would work. If setting for a fisher a bigger trap is used.

My dog wanted to go out and chase it, but I am sure the Fisher would not run. The dog is about the same size, but not nearly as wild as that Fisher looked.

Most interesting is that the Fisher is one of the only animal that will kill and eat a porcupine.

Nature Conservatory Canada


Map of where I saw the Fisher