Monday, July 26, 2010

Old Rocks and Really Old Rocks in Timmins

I learned a little bit about some rocks near Timmins last week.

Took my son for a tour to look at the interesting formation.

What is the kid looking at?

This is my understanding :

A crack in the billion year old rock, the Canadian Shield, had magma from the mantle of the earth fill that crack.

That crack was filled and the glacier that was more then a kilometer thick here smoothed out the surface. To me it looks like cement has been poured to fill the gap in the rock.

It is young rock, just 100 million years old, between old rock, maybe billion years old.

I do not remember what he called the formation.

I would never have noticed if it was not pointed out to me. I guess I need to look under foot more often. Usually where I am walking the rock is under a rooted mat of material.