Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bonsai comes out of the closet

Today I took my white birch bonsai out of the closet. It has been sitting in the dark in a cool closet waiting for winter to be over.

The the tree winter is over today.

It is important for a tree to have a winter rest, even if it is only a short rest. I have had success with some native trees letting them have a winter only every 2 years. Given the right light and temperature a tree will keep its leaves all winter.

I watered and lightly fertilized the plant to help it get started. I expect the buds to start swelling in a couple of weeks and I should have a full tree before summer gets here.

We will have a little bit of summer in the house soon.

Very soon the greenhouse will be turned up and I will be able to see the greening of the greenhouse. I love to one day walk into the greenhouse to see all the tree seedlings spouting. Suddenly the cool dull huge space becomes a sea of green, with the fresh earth smell in every corner.