Sunday, June 14, 2009

Timmins Naturalists

There seems to be a buzz in the community again about observations of the birds and the bees. There is alot going on.
Timmins Orchid, bee hives on tailings, big trees, whimbrel, sandhill cranes, turtles, water, windmills, dams, caribou and white moose.

With digital cameras very popular there are some great pictures of wildlife that need to be shared. Look at the great pictures Lynn got of the whimbrel!

I have began work on the reconstruction the Timmins Naturalist website. I thought it was still on the web someplace but I could not find it. I could not even find it on my computer. I found an older version on a backup to get started.

If you are so inclined take a look, come back in a couple of weeks as I update it when I have time.

Still waiting for reports on big trees to add to the Timmins Honour Roll of Trees.